Smile Makeovers

Cosmetic Veneers

If your teeth and gums are strong and healthy but you are not happy with your smile, we can provide a minimally invasive solution through the use of cosmetic porcelain veneers.  From a single dark tooth, to a few teeth that keep chipping, to a whole smile makeover, we would love to sit down with you and find the best solution to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Dental Crowns/Caps

Crowns and Fixed Bridges

For teeth that lack sufficient support for dental filling material, we offer a range of crown material options in order to best meet your cosmetic and functional needs.  In some cases, we can bridge crowns together to replace missing teeth.

Root Canals

Endodontic Therapy

For severe tooth aches that will not be resolved by fillings or crowns, we perform routine root canal procedures.  For difficult cases, we refer to the best local specialists.

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Cosmetic Fillings

Composite resin dental fillings

Our dental restorations are mercury free and blend in with your natural tooth color


Removable Prothethetics

A removable partial denture is the most economical way to replace multiple missing teeth.  We also provide full denture services including repairs and relines. 

Tooth Whitening

Professional Cosmetic Tooth Whitening

We offer a wide range of tooth whitening treatments.  From in-office "Zoom" whitening which whitens your teeth in one visit, to whitening trays that you can take home to treat at your own convenience, we can help you decide which option is best for you in order to achieve better results than you can get from over-the-counter products.


Dental Implant Restorations

This is an exciting and fast growing aspect of modern dentistry.  A dental implant is the best way to cosmetically and functionally replace a missing tooth.  Multiple dental implants can be used to replace 3 or more missing adjacent teeth and can even be used as anchors to keep removeable dentures in place.  Come in for an evaluation to see if this is a suitable option for you!!

Preventative Services

Professional Tooth Cleaning and Oral Health Education

The strongest, most comfortable teeth you will ever have are your natural teeth.  We provide a comprehensive array of services and professional advice to help you keep your natural teeth.

Tooth Removal


For teeth that are unable to be restored to full, painless function we do provide tooth extraction services